Wednesday, November 4, 2015

STEM project Day 1

This has been a VERY exciting week in first grade!  We started working on our STEM projects on Monday and from the very start, the kids have been SO excited!

The first thing that we had to work on was learning what STEM meant!  We learned that we would have to also listen to and support one another.  We talked about what compromise was.  I was very proud of how well these first graders worked together!

Our first day was our plan and design day.  We were thinking about our challenge question: Could you make a structure that the Big Bad Wolf could not blow down? The children were able to look at all of our materials and decide what they thought they wanted to use to build their structure. They had to explain why they chose the materials that they chose.

As you can see there is a lot of cooperation going on in room 317!

The second part of our Day 1 was to design a structure. Each child did their own design and then the team did one drawing including labels and lots of details! This first day was a BUSY one!

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