Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Show and Share

It was a VERY exciting day in our classroom!  We have been earning table points when the tables and our classroom are clean and tidy without Mrs. Faas having to give a bunch of reminders.  We finally reached 100 points and I said that we could have a Show and Share Day!  The children were very excited and brought in some terrific things!
A LEGO sportscar!

A baseball trophy!

A handmade stuffed animal made by this friend's BROTHER!

Bananas the monkey

A couple of $2 bills

A doll from MC squared...missing a shoe and a hand but LOVED!

Star Wars Angry Birds

Rosie the Build-a-Bear

Coconut Jr.

Tiny T-Rex

Batman LEGO car

Cheetah the.......cheetah


A well-loved puppy

A favorite picture

Batman Racecar
We already can't wait until our next Show and Share Day!!!

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  1. These are some wonderful things to share with friends!